Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm IN LOVE....with these chairs!!!!

Ahhh...the Bertoia wire chair!!!!! I only recently discovered these, and I'm falling more and more in love with them, the more I look at them in different spaces. I'm totally digging the silver and white versions and I think the little seating pad is so sweet. Yup...I think a chair is sweet. We re-arranged our living room last night and I am so much happier with it, now it's on to the dining room, which (since we are students) is going to be converted into an "office-study" space for the moment and I think 2 of these chairs would be the perfect replacement for what we have in there now!! Originally priced they are a bit out of reach, but I can find them on Ebay for around $140(ish). That is still a bit much for chairs at the moment....when I told Wes about these, he gave me "the face". The face, like, "really 'need' wire chairs??" haha. Yes.....I do!!! We'll see, if not now, later. Lets just say that I will have a few of these babies at some point in life...unless I fall in love with something else...which is highly unlikely.
Pic #1 from Red House Design Blog
Pic #2 from Door Sixteen
Other 2 from Apartment Therapy

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Anonymous said...

The only advice I can give you is: don't buy a chair until you get the opportunity to sit in the style/make/etc. you want.