Sunday, November 30, 2008

Found :: My 'Wedding' Shoes

I know, I know, I'm not even engaged yet....but come on, can you blame me for LOVING these Kate Spade pumps?? I've known that I want colored heals for my wedding for some time now, thinking that I would probably choose something that goes with the color scheme of it all...and then I saw these delights in a magazine add and almost died. It's my 'something blue', it's perfect. They are very fairly priced for such a special occasion and I am seriously considering just buying them now (so I don't miss out) and saving them for June 2010. Now you are wondering, as am I, if I might change my mind?? I just might...but I don't think I will...and if I do, then I have a FABULOUS pair of Kate Spade pumps in the most delicious shade of cobalt you've ever seen. Can't be all bad right? I bet they look so flippin amazing on.....I think I have to just get them now, for I'm wasting blog space trying to justify it all (haha).
:: peace and love ::


Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

Love them. BUY THEM NOW!!! :)

Mara said...

I like. The only thing you should consider is what your dress is going to look like. Although I do believe you can plan your entire wedding around your shoes. Just keep in mind the possible limits to your dress....I do think they are gorgeous though!

My two cents :)

Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

I think these will go with any dress. Especially the few you love right now. LOVE EM!