Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Vaca Decisions

Wes and I have been together almost 7 years (Feb. 20th marks that date) and we have yet to really go on a truly romantic and solo vacation together. Sure, we've traveled with friends, with family, but never just the two of us, solely for the reason of getting away and spending time together. I don't consider Disneyland or a one night'er' here and there to count. There have been a few thoughts running through my head....Napa--we both went to Sonoma St. for a few years, but never got to leisurely wine taste and relax in the country. Monterrey (our best friends are heading there for their wedding anniversary this December to a beautiful golf resort that looks amazing)...I am waiting for their review on this one. As I've searched people's blogs and the Internet I have noticed more and more hype surrounding Palm Springs. Kristin, from A Lovely Morning got married there, it is mentioned on Domino Magazine's web site etc. Something about it touches me and I think I would love to go there and experience the history of it. Here are the two hotels that I've found that look absolutely amazing so far!! Choices, choices.....
Isn't it beautiful?? I feel like it's a whole different time or something?? I love it!
This one is so amazing as well (not cheap...keeping in mind our 'student status') but so charming.

They have 2 totally different atmospheres, we will see I guess, what do you think!?
:: peace and love ::

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Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

I obviously like the name of the first hotel :)