Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Lovely Morning's Wedding Pics!!

Photographer Michele Waite is responsible for this lovely picture!! Kristin had been documenting all the events and projects leading up to her wedding in Palm Springs this past October and I have been following all the beautiful steps along the way. Michele just posted some pics on her blog and they are beautiful...of course it would be hard for them not to be because Kristin in gorgeous!! Congrats to Kristin and Brock on their beautiful wedding, all those details and time spent show in the pictures, I can't wait to dive into this wedding thing for myself! ;-) (lol).

:: peace and love ::
* If you love her dress (it is beautiful) it is by Alix and Kelly--the Grace dress.

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Mara said...

I must say that I really dislike the last photo. I don't believe in blurring out the groom. I think that's terrible. Blurring out anyone in a picture is too morbid...

My two cents :)