Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Momma Love

Pic credit : A Child's Love
Just wanted to share a sweet little story...
In one of my classes we were instructed to write a poem that describes us....we were prompted and only needed to fill in the blanks with adjectives that describe us best. It was not an exercise in poem writing but more of digging deep to understand ourselves better. Once done, we posted them around the room and grabbed post it notes so we could 'leave some love' on other people's poems....

I walked around the room and left many comments, it was delightful and fun, I genuinely enjoyed reading every one's thoughts about themselves and life....

My favorite line of a poem (out of any ones) was the one that said :

"I hear, my children laughing even when they are not here"

.....this makes me so excited and full of joy to one day be a mommy. I am so very lucky to have a wonderful, selfless, unique, spiritual, forgiving, understanding, warm mother who has a bottomless heart full of love for her family. I am also very delighted to have a best friend with a little one year old boy who makes us all full of joy and light and who I can't get enough of!! So, here's to all the wonderful and strong mommies out there who inspire us all.

:: peace and love ::

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