Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thoughtful Gift Giving :: This Holiday Season

*Update :: Wes and I just had our 'Sunday Night' dinner from my previous post--it was AMAZING, seriously I was impressed with myself..haha. Thank you Danielle for the blissful mixture of amazing(ness)!! I definitely recommend trying that medley of Euro treats.

On to my post ::

I just read this post on Jora's blog and thought how joyous this little present would be!! If you have a foodie friend, someone who loves to put together wonderful and amazing dishes (I know I do--D) they will love this!! For less than $100 you can adopt a tree in Italy for them, they would be receiving all the olive oil the tree produces in that year!!! Seriously....oh my gosh, I think this is an amazing gift, it's so thoughtful, and it would be so whimsical to receive olive oil from a specifically chosen grove (by the purchaser) in Italy! ahh......bliss.

:: peace and love ::

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