Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aveda :: Balancing Mists

As my previous post stated, I recently got a new job at Salon Lux, an Aveda lifestyle salon/spa. I am absolutely LOVING it so far, I love what they stand for and what they do for the environment. Their products (which I have used and loved for years) are amazing, they are focused 100% on customer satisfaction, making so many options a customized experience.

I got to go on, what they call, a "sensory experience" to find the scent that I 'needed' at that time. It was hard to pick one, their essential oils (only for professional use) smell so wonderful. I did end up picking Chakra 7 essential oil which has the essences of olibanum, angelica and elemi to leave one feeling well-balanced. This oil was combined with a perfume base and made into my own little personalized perfume spray that I can bring with me in my purse!!!! I was so stoked, it smells amazing and it was so fun to make it.

You can get the same experience by going into any Aveda lifestyle salon/spa. Or, you can go online here to purchase one of their Balancing Chakra Body Mists (which can also be used as sheet spray..good to know). Lets have some Aveda love people : )

:: peace and love ::

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