Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aveda Magnetic Compact

Disclaimer :: I will be posting lots of Aveda good(ness)....why? 1. Because there is a lot of it and 2. Because you should definitely be aware of it. You're welcome!!!

You should have seen my face when I saw this compact!! buy it separately ($19), but can customize it's contents to your preferences! It is magnetic inside, all of Aveda's makeup comes separately from a container and is in a tin tray, so that you can put it inside the compact of your choice (which is re-usable) there for saving you $$ in the long run and saving the environment by not wasting materials. This particular one can fit one face powder -or- one blush and two eye shadows -or- 2 blushes -or- 4 eye shadows (the possibilities are endless). Also, see at the top where it looks rounded? This is where you slip in a lipstick or the minty balm for lips (if you're not a lipstick gal) of your choice, then you have a little compact with everything you could possibly need!!!! I's flippin awesome!
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