Saturday, April 25, 2009

*Thoroughly Delighted*

I am an avid birthday lover (generally getting just as excited about my loved one's birthdays as much as my own!). I wanted to share some of my beautiful gifts because I found people were so very thoughtful this year to me, and I was very touched : ) Not only were people thoughtful, but the things they so generously chose for me were beautiful and I am (only one day out) enjoying them tremendously! I did not post pictures of every single present because that would be a bit tedious given the delightful generosity of my friends...but thought that I would share the beautiful Shannon Len earrings that my honey picked out for me at Hands Gallery. If you read my blog then you know that I am a Shannon Len jewelry lover, and now have 2 pairs of her beautiful earrings in my slowly growing jewelry collection. These ones shown are amazing mid sized gold hoops with multicolored gems strung along the backside so when they twist you can see all the amazing detail!!! I also received the most comfortable (I'm really not kidding..I've barley taken it off!) wrap from Danielle, made by DreamSacks bamboo clothing. You cannot imagine how beautiful and cozy this wrap is..and the amazing pumpkin color (nectar), and fact that's it's made from bamboo makes me smile!!! Pictured with the wrap are a few of my new favorite bracelets from Alex & Ani (also purchased at Hands Gallery) those being gifts to myself!
There were many more lovely favorite t shirt from Gap in one of my favorite clothing colors ;-) (coral)...and a set of lovely Pottery Barn plates from the Loughran's. Gift cards to Pottery Barn and a nail salon from Katie and Shannon and Andreas. A bottle of Francis Coppola's SOFIA Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine from Rachel and Dustin, which is honestly too beautiful to even contemplate opening right now...a peacock cuff bracelet, satin floral headband and green tea candle from Marissa and Desiree (not to mention the cinnamon butter cream cupcakes that were also baked!!!)
Basically a big thank you, as I said, I am merely delighted to have such wonderful gifts necessary...but they sure are good at giving them!! ;-)

:: peace and love ::

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