Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I really need to keep up on these!!

{ first time in his BebePod } cute are those socks?
{ baby bath time! }
{ mommy daddy date night }
{ sparkly Sam Edelman's }

{ an attempt at lunch with a friend }...let's see if she still has baby fever ;-/
{ daily walks through the woods in the moby wrap }

So there you have it folks...
Life of a stay at home mom includes breast feeding (a LOT), not sleeping that often, play time on the bed, boppy and my arms, walks while baby wearing & the realization that this shiz is hard. I mean....emotionally draining hard. I like my personal space (and I don't have much of that), I like to sleep (and you don't get much of that either)....but, there's also nothing (NOTHING) better than his little sleepy milk drunk face, or his smiles, or his curious eyes. So, ya, it's worth all the sleepless nights & frustrating times...
because he's kinda (really) my everything.
Love you little man, be nice to mommy, she gave birth to you ;-). Yup, I'm using that line....

*Life also includes help from my amazing family (especially my momma), with out those little breaks to take a bath, sleep or run to Target....oh man. I might be a mess. Thanks momma. xoxo

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