Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well......there are two major (technically there's a whole lot more than two..but I'm going to share these two with you!!) issues on my mind. First--We love love our new place, and still need a few things here and there to cozy it up. There are the big things--desk, desk chair, bed frame, dresser, futon, rugs (blah blah...)...this will have to be accumulated one by one, seeing as buying every single piece (the pieces I would like) is out of the question. Then there are the small things... shelves, wall art, clocks, art, etc that will make such an artistic difference to the space. What is your favorite aspect of your space?! What makes the most difference to you, and where do you spend the most time!?
Second item on the agenda is what to wear for our engagement photos...I won't bore you with my narcissism.....but it's an interesting problem (fun problem really...) but I just really don't want to look back at them years from now, and wish they were different... I know nothings perfect...but wouldn't it be nice if I thought they were--even for the shortest of times?

:: peace and love ::

*** really really loving THIS for the office futon...I think it's worth it...don't you!?!!? Going to Ikea next weekend, for the desk and office chair!!!! Keep you posted ;-)
*** really loving THIS for one of the things I wear for engagements...but... I'm not crazy and need to find a *more affordable version of it--any help = appreciated!!!


The Loughran's said...

When are you engagement pictures? I'm so excited to see them! <3

Katie Carter said...

In early January I think, we need to actually commit to a date!!! : ) I'm excited, we are giong down to SD to take them, but I love the winter time!!!