Saturday, March 29, 2008

Favorite Perfume

Isn't it the life long (or seamingly) search to find the perfect parfume! There are so many out there...and so little time. I'm sure there are many beautiful frangrances that I have yet to find...but for the moment (and for many more I'm sure!) I'm IN LOVE with Lolita Lempicka origieonal fragrance! It comes in the most beautiful little glass bottle that looks like a purple apple, with gold vines running around it, the sprayer like the top of an apple in gold as well as the logo scrolled across the bottle! They also have a new fragrance called Lolita Lempicka "L" the bottle is equally beautiful, however I have yet to try it. I will post again when I do!

You can buy Lolita Lempicka at many stores...but also at Sephora!

Let me know what you think of Lolita or what the parfume is that you can't live with out!

I think I might just shower in the stuff if I could.......that might not end well though....

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