Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take The Pledge!!

Jergens Glow In The Dark Pledge
Being an Aestetician I am very consciouse of sun exposure and damaging my skin...ever since going through school I feel tres guilty going to the tanning beds! Last time I went (long time ago...) the whole time (15 mins or so) all I could think about was my skin disinegrating off my body....bad bad things. So Instead I have been spray tanning to maintain a bit of color because lets face it...everybody looks better with a bit of a healthy glow.
The other day on E! I saw that Kristen Bell is pledging to only get "safe sun" through Jergens sunless tanning products. She is beautiful and I thought what a wonderful way to make a commitment to health. For every pledge Jergens will donate $1 to the Skin Care Foundation (up to $20,000). I just pledged today and am planning on buying this Jergens Soft Shimmer lotion to add to my spray tanning, which I try and do every few weeks. Once I try the product I will post with a review; in the meantime I suggest that anyone who doesn't want wrinkles or sunspots in the future (oh the things we get to look forward to) should pledge at because seeing as how your skin is your body's largest organ maybe you should take care of of the best ways to do that is staying out of the sun!
Pledge On!

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