Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aveda Embrightenment Revisited ;-)

I said I would do a post revisiting the effects of Aveda's Embrightenment collection, so here I am. I have the WHOLE collection and ((seriously)) am obsessed with it and LOVE it. That's a lot of excitement for one sentence. Go to Aveda's site to read the details...all I can say is that the aroma is light but wonderful, the consistencies and textures of the products are wonderful, and I really have NO complaints about the line so far....I have been using it for a couple months now and still have a ways to go as far as testing Aveda's guarantee on the line. one delight is that I enjoy it, and the best part is that it doesn't make me break out (more than I do hormonally already) which is really a selling point. It's a great skin care line for people who want to move up from the adolescent 'Cetephil's' and 'Proactive's' of the world but aren't really ready for something intensively "anti aging". If you have any specific questions about the line, or my personal experience please e mail me!!
* I will say my favorites of the line are the :: cleanser (nourishing with coconut surfactants, slightly exfoliating and opalescent looking--you only need a smidgen with lots of water and it suds up wonderfully), the toner (a "2 in 1" with the toning effects we love and the liquid exfoliation that we need...leaves skin silky smooth and totally free of built up dry skin cells), and the moisturizing cream (I'm always weary of cream's because I have combination skin--but this one moisturizes amazingly and still feels light and un-stifling!).

:: peace and love ::

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