Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Dress Ponderings-Oh My!!

These sweet designs are from Simple Silhouettes and I think they are sort of whimsical and sweet!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the top option with those modern floral pins attached to the halter...and also love the more architectural version of those big pleated pieces of fabric on the second. They have some really pretty colors available (which is delightful!!). Only time will tell, luckily something I have more of than less in this case!
I am having lunch tomorrow with Danielle (at some amazing restaurant which uses local and organic ingredients in their dishes!!! yayaya) and will be discussing colors....I am leaning towards wanting to tie in that beautiful cobalt blue of my shoes...but also find it to be quite a bold color to use frequently (thoughts!?! Ideas!??!). Happy weekend people ;-)

:: peace and love ::

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Anonymous said...

I like the 2nd dress (white with front detail) but maybe in a more vibrant color.