Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Feast !!

The prettiest head of cauliflower I've ever seen....almost too pretty to eat...but it was so v. tasty!
Pan Roasted Cauliflower from here....drooling over it here.
Baked Brie from here...with cranberries and walnuts instead of cherries and almonds.
Christmas contained a plethora of amazing food...veggie scramble (bear bread...see here from last year), fresh fruit sprinkled with Cinnamon and fresh eggnog (better cold momma...) yum yum...oh, can't forget the hot cocoa with rum (!!). Dinner was beautiful and so fun, curried citrus rice with almonds, this cauliflower recipe, pan sauteed salmon, and roasted greens......with our version of this baked brie recipe...we substituted cranberries for cherries and walnuts for almonds, but kept the honey and rosemary....delicious!!!! Besides the food, we had a beautiful day spent with family, and really nothing is better than that!!!
Happy Holidays...Merry day late!
:: peace and love ::

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