Monday, December 14, 2009

what's your pillow style!?

I just found this article via this lady and thought is was interesting and sort of fun to figure out what your pillows say about you! Sometimes I wish I were the pretty and clean and simple. So what do you pillows say about you? Here's what mine look like!

This is my bed...I feel like my 'pillow style' varies depending on how I feel. I definitely have a plethora of throw pillows hanging around and like to mix and match them on the bed. Right now, we've got 2 large down throw pillows on there, sometimes they are on our couch...and two smaller colorful pillows to spice it up a bit! I guess I am a little Bohemian, maybe a little tradition with a twist. If you post your pillow style, leave a link, I think it's a really cute little article : )
:: peace and love ::
*we picked up our Christmas tree (finally)...more on that soon. My plan is to do a silver and gold tree this year!

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