Wednesday, December 2, 2009

holiday gifting....

Sorry for the shameless plug which is this post about the AMAZING Aveda holiday packages going on right now......but really, you're welcome, because they are honestly awesome presents and I would love love to get these as gifts...oh ya the point....your friends will like these as gifts too! The Himalayan Glow soy wax candle with the aroma of organic clove, vanilla and cinnamon it's the most lovely aroma (i bought 3 all for myself...shhh...that's just ridiculous). The 7 points of balance--where you get all 7 mini sized chakra balancing body mists (which is awesome because your body needs different chakra balancing on different having all 7 is ideal). Lastly the Ritual of Relief package which includes the Hand and Foot relief (plus 2 travel sizes of each), given the price of the package it's like you are getting the travel sizes free......

On top of the general good deal, and awesome of the reasons I love Aveda so dearly is that they partner up with different countries and cultures around the world to sustain their economy and find truly organic and quality ingredients for their products. Each holiday season for 3 years now Aveda has partnered up with the Nepali visionaries and organizations to produce the beautiful handcrafted paper for the gift boxes of all our holiday packages....not only that but the beautiful images of this amazing culture inspires Aveda's entire holiday decor!! Read more about the partnership really is a fun story, and one of the many reasons I love Aveda's mission !!!!

:: peace and love ::

*there are many more holiday packages, see here.

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