Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm fairly sure i've decided!!!

you must be wondering how many flippin' times i can post on be honest i could do a few per week i'm sure, but I will try and limit myself to one every other week or so ;-)
I think after looking...searching...'window shopping' and stalking people with bags i thought i may want....i have finally decided which bag i indeed (need) in my life.
Clare Vivier..why are you so awesome? The colors...the simplicity, functionality and long lasting stylistic appeal make for a beautiful hand crafted creation.....with colors like navy, aubergine, gray, black and a caramel colored brown.....the hard part is choosing. I think I'm pretty settled on the navy...such a rich lux version of the color, and not too trendy or passing, i think this bag will really last me through the years, and that is what sells me!
yeah...........oh wait now i have to coax someone into getting it for me for Christmas....or simply ordering it for myself (haha....i would).
:: peace and love ::

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Shelle said...

I have a Claire Vivier iphone pouch in grey and I really love it. They are very nice purses!