Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, sweet Love

{ For Like Ever print, rainbow }

Happy Valentine's Day loves!!!!!!!!!!
My heart is bursting with love this V-Day, I am so incredibly excited to join these mythical ranks called 'parenthood'!
I always thought that to feel comfortable during this exciting time I would want all my ducks in a row (so to speak), and they are anything but. One duck is over across town, you get the picture. Regardless of the chaos (although it doesn't feel like chaos), I am happy. I am excited, and bursting with joy. I have a husband that I love more everyday, I have parents that are by far the two most amazing people I know, and I have friends that have been so loving, helpful and generous (maternity clothes, books, gifts etc) how could my heart not feel full?
I have peace of mind knowing that things will fall into place, settle down, work themselves out (and hopefully before August 28th!) ;-)
Hope your LOVE day is full of just that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: peace & love ::

p.s. it's raining here....and it's just lovely!!!!! We've got the fire going, a good breaki in our tummy's and on our way to seeking out the best cup of hot cocoa in town!!

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