Thursday, February 17, 2011

what if...

I went on a leisure bike ride.
with that FAB-TASTIC (yup) bike.
sassy red lips
those retro shades (which i saw on a client the other day...she looked marvelous)
that insane bag (diaper bag???) I think so...currently sold out....MUST track one down. a.s.a.p.
and Tom's, spring line has these faded twill versions..must.

just what if...

i think everything except the bike might actually happen...that sucker is not for pregnant gals on a budget..that's for sure!

:: peace & love ::

p.s. baby update--we went to our second dr. app today....our nurse couldn't find the heart beat with the Doplar (??-sounds fancy), so another ultra sound...FOUND IT, and it was wiggling about in there like mad! Wes thinks it's going to be a pro athlete.....I kinda think it's a boy!?!?

p.p.s Much inspiration for the bike & bag from a new favorite blog, Wit + Delight (love).

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Bridget said...

yessss. i love all of that. plus some major warm weather which ive yet to experience this year.