Thursday, February 24, 2011

on mobiles & such

I had a paper bird mobile when I was an itty bitty babes...consequently my first word was 'bird'. My bird mobile fit my parents style perfectly....lifelike 3-D paper birds twirling above me (nothing cheesy or tacky...they would never--mainly because I don't think they would want to stare at it!).
Now I find myself getting to pick out a mobile (yay, fun!) and feeling like it's an important decision, given that it may just inspire baby's first words!
Bear with me parents...because I really like that brightly colored hot air balloon mobile...I really do!
The fish mobile is beautiful, I would near consider this actual grown up decoration. I do love grown up decor in a baby's refreshing. And nostalgic, because Wes' dad was a fisherman when Wes was little! These being fond memories for Wes, a fish mobile would be sweet!
The Hex mobile is just pretty & modern (not a front runner for me) but pretty non-the-less.'s near impossible for me to pass up anything olive colored. I'm like a moth to a flame.
Lastly the Clara Von Zweigbergk Themis mobile is perfection. It appeals to everything in me....color, shape, clean lines. It's perfection......but what would baby's first word be...'polyhedron'? (nerd alert!)

help me out peeps!!!

:: peace & love ::

*Wes' fav...likes the potential for baby's first word to be 'polyhedron' (of course).


Julie-Inspired said...

That's becoming a mama and decorating! I'm no help on where to find one, but I really like the brighter colors...although the fishes are pretty cool too, huh? I'm sure it will look great, whatever you choose. Will you show it once you get it?
Great space you have here:)

Katie said...

Thank you Julie!! I will most definitely show the whole shebang when it's all done!! Thanks for popping in :-)