Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jonathan rock my socks

**Weekend recap--so far, aside from studying for finals and doing my final projects in art...Wes and I had a beautiful date 'afternoon' today. We went and had some delicious drinks (pineapple mojito and flatliner martini for me--beer for Wes) at the Dolphin Bay Resort, followed with a movie and onto sushi for dinner at Yanagi's. It was fantastic...and so fab to spend some quality time with my sweets.
If you aren't aware of who Jonathan Adler on out from under your rock...and experience the amazing'ness' that are his ceramics (really everything on his site...but lets not get carried away!). I am 100% obsessed with his Ojai collection....I am thinking that I NEED some of his mugs in yellow and orange with the yellow centered bowls (since we have a couple bright yellow bowls already) it will be a coordinated mixture!! Ahh....more and more I'm realizing the know you're getting older when ceramics make your day!!!! Who can blame me though...really!?!?!

:: peace and love ::

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