Friday, May 1, 2009

On the Hunt for a Blood Orange Tree!

We went out on the search for a dwarf citrus tree the other day...and I documented a little bit of the adventure! We didn't purchase a lovely little tree just yet, but found some fun goodies along the way. Wes had never tried a kumquat before...(um hello!?!) but I don't think we'll be getting a kumquat tree after I made him...he wasn't extremely fond of them...preferring a more 'practical and useful' tree like a Meyer lemon, or orange tree. I want something a little bit exciting, so we are leaning towards a blood orange, their new stock came in this Wednesday...which means we need to get packin' over there to pick up our new little green buddy!!! I'm thinking that a beautiful bright pot like lemon yellow, tangerine orange or maybe lime green!?! Fun, fun : )

:: peace and love ::


Rachel said...

I'm looking to buy a kumquat tree! I can eat them until my mouth hurts. Yum.
Good luck finding your blood orange!

clarissa said...

What is the name of this store or warehouse? I actually liked the pictures of the pots you took.