Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paper Details

I LOVE a beautiful bouquet of flowers...but I also know that having an abundance of fresh blooms can make a price tag skyrocket (right on out of our budget....), not to mention the amount of natural resources used to supply all the weddings in the world with flowers (let alone the flowers themselves). Soooo, rather than deplete the environment....my remedy for this is doing a lot of beautiful and intricate details in recycled paper!!!! I found the image at top just a bit ago (and silly me forgot to save the name and location when I saved the image...argh!!). The artist who makes them uses different shades of papers to create the most beautiful flower garlands (or individuals) and the result is magic. The middle two pictures are from Martha Stewart (ohh Martha...) and I instantly fell in love with the folded paper rosettes that hang in bunches around the entire fete!! Not to mention the paper cranes (*sigh*), shown above in one of my favorite weddings on Once Wed; They are amazing and will no doubt show up tied to as many Oak branches as I can get them on. I am for sure 'stealing' these amazing ideas to use for myself...and I can't wait to try my hand at these crafts. Nothing a night of wine, cheese and my girls can't handle!! Do you have any other environmentally friendly decor ideas to share!!

:: peace and love ::

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The Loughran's said...

I like the first flowers. They remind me of the Paper Sky flowers for some reason. :)